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In Lower School,  we develop the children’s core skills through a broad curriculum and a stimulating range of enrichment activities. Our caring, family-orientated approach allows them to flourish, have fun and above all learn in a safe and secure environment.

Literary and Numeracy are a priority and we seek to develop reasoning and evaluative skills. We follow the requirements of the national curriculum and add in our own extra elements to ensure a solid educational foundation for life inside and outside of school.


Through our broad curriculum, innovative teaching methods and varied enrichment programme, we aim to develop each child’s love of learning and their natural sense of curiosity. We help to  bring out each child’s creativity while encouraging both independent learning and teamwork.

We ensure each child begins to develop their own sense of identity and self-confidence, through our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) and well-being programme. Regular recognition of individual achievements encourages the children to set their own personal development goals.

Enhanced Learning

Regular school trips, visiting speakers and workshops are included to enhance our children’s learning experience e.g. trips to museums, nature reserves and discovery centres, creative writing workshops with visiting authors, discussion groups with visiting speakers.


We foster a love for reading and seek to improve written and verbal communication skills which in turn improves understanding.

Counting, arithmetic and problems solving skills are progressed.

We encourage a love of music and children have the opportunity to take up an instrument of their choice from Year 2

Activities are based around developing physical skills and co-ordination and include swimming and dance.

In Geography, the children discover the world around them and explore the environment through a topic based approach eg Climate Change.

In History, children develop knowledge and understanding of important past events and cultures.

Topics are designed around helping the children to become confident, well-rounded young people who have a sense of responsibility to themselves and others.

Technology is without doubt a significant part of our lives. Throughout their time at Tower College, we seek to equip our children with the necessary technological skills to ensure that they are at an advantage in an ever changing IT landscape.

Skills in computer usage and programming are introduced.

The sooner children are introduced to a new language the better. Regular Spanish lessons are taught in Year 1.

Scientific principles are taught through fun approaches to experimentation and evaluation. We are fortunate to have extensive and beautiful grounds to teach the about nature and the world they live in.

The topics are based on the principles of physics, chemistry ad biology e.g. how your body works, forces, the life-cycle of plants.

Art is a fundamental part of the Lower School curriculum allowing the children to develop their creative skills through a wide range of activities. Themed projects based on the work of specific artists and styles form a large part of the art curriculum.

The Pre-Prep RE curriculum is designed to encourage the children to develop both socially and morally. The children begin to develop an appreciation of religions with a particular focus on festivals.

Homework is regularly given to reinforce learning but is never onerous! Our staff are very aware that children have spent a good deal of time learning in school and going home to do more can be counter-productive. Regular learning challenges are set to encourage creativity, research skills and independent learning.


Enrichment: Sport

Sporting enrichment allows the children to try new activities and further enhance their physical development. Activities include:

Yoga – introducing the basics and benefits of yoga delivered by a qualified yoga teacher; this is very beneficial for the physical and mental development of younger children
Karate – the children are trained and officially graded in Goju Ryu Karate Do by their professional Karate Sensei
Football – professional coaches teach the children key football skills in the summer months
Swimming – we begin swimming lessons from Year 1
Judo – skills in this martial art delivered is by a professional Judo Sensei

Enrichment: Creative Skills

Science Club – children can experiment to their heart’s content!
Lego Club – Lego provides the perfect vehicle to stretch a child’s creativity and imagination
Nature Club – our spectacular grounds offer the perfect environment for budding botanists and zoologists!
Choir and ‘Sing Up’ – aspiring Pop Stars can develop their vocal talents!
Dance Club – children can express themselves through the creative medium of dance
Art club – budding artists can create their own unique masterpieces

1to1 music tuition is available at extra charge

Enrichment: Social Development

We offer enrichment activities that help the children to become more self-aware and develop compassion for others, such as:

Playground Friends – the children can train to become playground friends and learn how to help and support their peers and younger children at playtimes

School Council – The children can stand for a position on the school council where they are elected by their peers to represent and put forward their views and ideas

“I love all the sport we can do and like the work because it’s fun.

Henry - Year 3

“All the teachers are very kind and help you with your work.

Ethan - Year 3

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