Inspiring children to be their best selves

We cannot place too higher value on our values! They inform our thoughts, words and actions. They help us to grow and develop and to create the future we want to experience. Our overriding aim is to inspire children to be their best selves.

We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunities and support to achieve not only excellent academic progress, but to also gain fundamental life skills such as finding their own strong voice, be outward-looking and confident in their own abilities, be kind and considerate, be a responsible citizen, be an effective listener, be creative and able to solve problems both individually and as part of a team; skills that are absolutely necessary if they are to thrive in an ever-changing world..

The only way to predict the future is to create it.

We aim to give each pupil a well-rounded education. This teaches pupils for life, not just to pass exams. It encourages an inclination to branch out – keeping all possibilities open for a future full of potential. A well-rounded education is not a luxury for today’s pupils, it is an absolute necessity if we want to prepare them for the realities of today’s ever-changing world. Almost all careers, and certainly global citizenship, require an interdisciplinary understanding and out-of-the-box thinking, which can best be cultivated through a well-rounded education.

No-one could have predicted the impact this horrific virus would have worldwide, never mind how it would affect us in our day to day life. To have set up Microsoft Teams for an entire school, provided access to all its pupils, helped train all the teaching and support staff within a 3 week timescale is incredible and a clear reflection of your passion to deliver Tower Colleges values…
Mrs D Sheerin
I didn’t want to email again with my comments about how amazing the distance learning is going but after reading the ParentMail, I think I should… I am wowed by the success of the lessons and by the way Towers has pulled together to deliver them! I really think this is a huge demonstration of the schools’ resilience and determination to do the best by the pupils no matter what.
Mrs J Higham
My three boys have been at Tower College for many years and have absolutely thrived in all areas. There has never been a day when they have not wanted to go to school. We all want the best for our children and at Tower College they provide this without compromise. Above all, my children are very happy and have enthusiasm and smiles in abundance. Thank you all at Tower College.
Mr A Dixon



Summer term 2020 will be remembered as a turning point in our education system, a time when the rites of passage typically associated with the final months of the academic year were torn asunder. The familiar cycle of examinations, sports days, celebrations, and preparations for moving on has been reimagined.

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