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Tower College will change your life.

This is something that I’ve told new pupils and families countless times. It is not something that I say glibly; my many conversations with former pupils have proved to me that Tower College has indeed made a real difference to their lives. Since our founding in 1948, thousands of pupils have benefitted from a Tower College education. They have been routinely welcomed into the best sixth form colleges and then gone onto to study degrees at prestigious universities.

Achievement, Belonging & Compassion

Tower College, founded in 1948, opened as an independent school embodying true family values. These values still represent the school’s philosophy today and under the auspices of Ms Bingley, appointed in September 2018, the school continues to pride itself in offering a happy, secure and successful education to its pupils.

Values - above all else

We cannot place too higher value on our values! They inform our thoughts, words and actions. They help us to grow and develop and to create the future we want to experience.

Charles and Muriel Oxley were insistent that excellent behaviour, smart dress and thinking of others before oneself were the cornerstones of a successful school and essential if pupils were to grow into being responsible and upstanding members of society. They knew that if staff paid attention to the smaller indiscretions, then the greater misdemeanours would never happen. Some considered them extreme in their zero-tolerance attitude towards bullying, telling lies, stealing, vandalism and swearing. But, those at Tower College knew that this was the perfect platform on which to build a school.

Charles and Muriel also laid special emphasis on the spiritual aspect of the Christian education provided. They were astute enough not to affiliate the school to any denomination, and to invite pupils of all faiths or none on the understanding that they would participate in Morning Assemblies and Religious Studies lessons. Pupils were expected to show tolerance and respect for each other’s faiths, and kindness and courtesy in all aspects of school life.

More than anything else, I am most proud of being a part of a school that places its values above all else. I think that our co-founders, Charles and Muriel Oxley, would be well pleased that though Tower College has had to change and move forward, it has not moved one iota away from the values that they set down in 1948. In preparation for my interview for Principal, I asked Miss Oxley to define Tower College’s core values. She simply told me to look no further than the words in the hymn ‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’. I am delighted to say that every day, without exception, I see these values reflected in the thoughts, words and actions of our children. For me, as well as encouraging high academic achievement, it is crucial that our children carry these values into their lives beyond Tower College – that they become responsible members of society who are always looking to make a positive contribution to whatever they are involved in.

Ms A C Bingley, Principal, Tower College

If you would like to know a little more about the whys and wherefores of our co-founders and what sets Tower College apart, please read the article ‘A Tale of 4 Principals’. This also includes the immeasurable contribution of the recently retired Miss Oxley who was Principal from 1993 – 2018.

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