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It’s not easy choosing the right school. We try to make this a little easier by offering school tours (‘Showrounds’) during a normal teaching day. Hopefully, you will be able to get best possible ‘feel’ for our school.

TBA – Please book a Private Tour below

After a short introduction by our registrar, two of our senior pupils will show you around our school. You will be able to speak to the relevant Head of Department as well as any teachers. Upon your return, refreshments are served in a brief meeting with our registrar and / or Principal. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any concerns. If you have any queries beforehand, please don’t hesitate to telephone the school.

To arrange a ‘Showround’ or ‘Private Tour’ …
Please complete the short form below or contact Ms McNamara (Registrar) on 0151 294 4534.

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Can I just please express mine and my husband’s gratitude towards all the staff at Tower at this difficult time. May I please give a special mention to Mr and Mrs Wells; they are so quick with the communication this makes the situation so much easier and I must say that the honesty that has come from the school is brilliant ie if something isn’t known when asked then I have been told that and then got back to at a later date with the answers. That’s all that can be asked of the school and it has gone a long way. May I also please tell you how great Miss Nugent has been – bless her, she has been hounded with questions yet she has always been the greatest help and so lovely.

Mrs S Parry