At Tower College, we believe that children gain the most from their Early Years Provision and their subsequent School life if they feel secure and are confident with their adult carers, their peers and their environment. To that end, and in conjunction with our Tower College Admissions Policy and Arrangements, our aims are:

  • To ensure a smooth transition between settings, year groups and stages for parents, children and practitioners;
  • To ensure information is shared between different settings in term of children’s development, learning records and any other information;
  • To ensure parents, children and practitioners have adequate information relating to transition;
  • To ensure the children begin their new setting or year group enthusiastically and ready for learning.

Our Pre-Prep Department is made up of Bluebird for children of 3 +, Reception X and Y for pupils of 4+ and Year 1X and 1Y for pupils of 5+.

Transition into Bluebird

  • New starters visit the school with their parents several times before joining the group;
  • Some children will visit for ‘Taster Days’, if parents feel that it would be helpful;
  • The Keyworkers and assistants read the ‘All about Me’ booklet that is given to families to complete together before a child starts;
  • Previous settings are contacted to ask if any learning records can be shared;
  • If necessary we speak to the child’s previous setting to obtain further information;
  • In some circumstances, if a child had special needs, teachers will visit the child in his/her previous setting;
  • Children attend the setting on days of their choice, some doing 2 days whilst up to 5. This is at the discretion of the parents and can be increased during the term after discussion with the Principal.

Transition into Reception

  • Children in Bluebird work with the Reception classes for the Christmas performances, Christmas party and singing at various times throughout the year.
  • During the child’s last term, the children visit their new classroom on ‘Move up day’ (when all classes in the Pre-Prep, Lower and Middle Schools move up to meet their new teacher, whilst Year 6 are having their Senior Induction Day).
  • During outdoor provision the Pre-Prep children often play together and share activities.
  • Bluebird practitioners complete the EYFS tracker so that there is continuity of records.
  • The trackers from Bluebird are passed to the Reception practitioners.
  • All children have a session with their new Key Worker, (the class teacher/ teaching assistants) in their new classroom prior to entering Reception.
  • Parents have an information session with the class teacher prior to their child starting in Reception.
  • As far as possible Reception classes follow the same routine as the Nursery during the first few weeks of term and often for the first term.
  • The Bluebird Keyworkers advise the Reception staff on appropriate groups for the children/particular needs
    Previous settings are contacted to ask if any learning records can be shared. (Should the child be new to Tower College on entering Reception)
  • Parents attend an information/ parents’ evening with the Keyworkers at the beginning of the child’s first term.

Transition into Key Stage One

All children have a session with their new class teacher, teaching assistant and in their new classroom prior to entering Year One, on ‘Move Up’ Day.

  • Key Stage One staff incorporate some of the principles of the EYFS;
  • EYFS Profiles, phonics assessments, examples of writing, parent consultation records, end of Key Stage reports and suggested groupings for the children are passed to the new teacher;
  • As with Transition into Reception, the children are already familiar with the staff who will be their Keyworkers, through joint activities, outdoor play, assemblies, concerts, fun days etc.

Transition into After School Club

The class teacher can pass on any personal, emotional or social information to the person who collects the child from the classroom (For Example: bumped head notes, unusual emotional state)

Transition to Child Minders

Class teachers aim to develop links with child minders by sharing some of the achievements that the children have made

Our Lower and Middle Schools comprise 14 classes from Year Two to Year 8, with two forms in most year groups.

Transition to Year Two is potentially difficult for the children, as they move up from the Pre-Prep to the Preparatory School. They move to new classroom buildings and use different play areas so staff ensure that they have many familiarization visits in addition to the Whole School Move Up day.

The parents of Year One children are also invited to a ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening during their child’s final term in the year, where they see the classrooms, resources and learn about the year’s course, trips, activities etc. They also receive a timetable for September in July, so they are aware of Swimming, P.E. and Art days, and can organise themselves to avoid children worrying unnecessarily about whether or not they should bring all their kit and equipment on the first days of term.

The remaining pupils of the Lower and Middle Schools enjoy a smooth transition from year to year, knowing all the staff well through Assemblies, playtime supervision and shared teaching and activities. As Tower College has little turnover of staff, the children and families get to know the teachers very well as siblings will have been taught by them (in many cases, parents too have been taught by current teachers!) which all helps the children to feel settled and secure. The excellent working relationships that this fosters between the staff ensures that full information regarding the children is passed on.