After a successful mini-mock series before the half-term break, the teachers have now had the chance to assess the children’s progress and develop a comprehensive strategy for ensuring that our Year 11 pupils are in the best possible position when sitting their GCSE exams.

We are extremely proud of the commitment and resilience that our Year 11 have demonstrated in recent months. And, the overall performance of the cohort in the mini mocks is very pleasing. However, we appreciate that there is still work to be done if pupils are to achieve their potential.

Our strategy for the year consists of several strands outlined below.


Our mentoring programme offers pupils the opportunity to review their progress, attendance and effort.  Every pupil will be able to discuss any perceived barriers to learning in meetings with their mentor. The meetings will focus on academic performance and clear, achievable targets will be mutually agreed upon. These will be reviewed half-termly. However, the mentors will liaise with other teachers as regularly as they feel necessary. Please be assured that our mentoring programme offers continuing support and guidance. Pupils will only be mentored by a teacher with whom they are most comfortable. It will be exciting to see the growth of the pupils’ development pathways and ultimately to see them achieving at their highest level.


As part of the normal school day, the final period of each day is set aside for enrichment and general education. Year 11 will continue to participate in the enrichment activities as we believe this is essential for maintaining mental and physical wellbeing as well as broadening skills and knowledge ready for the next phase of their education.

During General Education, pupils will be taught revision and study skills. The main focus will be to ensure effective time management and deliberate purposeful revision.


To further prepare pupils for their GCSE exams, we are running a series of ‘Mock’ exams. These will build on the information gathered in the recent ‘mini mock’ series. The exams will commence on 17th January 2022 and run for two school weeks. Pupils will sit the full range of GCSE papers in each of their subjects. The exams will be a useful progress indicator that will provide teachers with the information to best support pupils in the lead up to the GCSE exams in summer.


Booster sessions have proved to be very popular with previous year groups and we are in no doubt whatsoever that they can make a huge difference to exam performance. Pupils can refine and develop their focus areas in each subject. Whilst we are aware that the logistics of attending these sessions can be difficult, we would appreciate your encouraging attendance whenever possible. Equally, teachers are happy to provide, mark and feedback on additional work completed as part of individual revision.

Please see the timetable of booster sessions available for the second half of the autumn term. More subjects will be offering booster sessions in the lead up to the exams. Pupils will be informed by subject teachers when booster sessions are due to begin. We are also offering a Supervised Study Session where pupils will be able to revise independently as well as access study skills, resources and guidance.

For the morning booster sessions, pupils should arrive in time to start the session at 8.00am. Pupils attending the afterschool sessions must be collected from the school car park at 4.45pm. If you would like your child to attend booster sessions, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. You only need to do this once as it is a ‘catch-all’ permission for all future sessions. Pupils will be able to dip in and out of sessions as it suits. Please note that the first booster session is this Wednesday at 8.00am.

Should you have any concerns please contact Mr Taylor ( or Mr Glover (