Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4AM
Year 4JM
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11

November 10th – BLUEBIRD, YEAR 2, YEAR 4JM and YEAR 7
November 11th – RECEPTION, YEAR 3, and YEAR 4AM
November 12th – YEAR 11
November 16th – YEAR 5
November 18th – YEAR 10
November 19th – YEAR 8
November 24th – YEAR 6
November 26th – YEAR 9

All the booking slots are for 5 minutes. Once you have submitted your slot, it will not be available to any other parent. Please book at least the day before the date of the Parents’ Evening, as the class or subject teacher will need to create a Microsoft Teams’ calendar invite for you through your child’s Team’s account.

The class teacher will call you at the appointed time. There may be delays but please do not call the teacher as they will most likely be another call.

If a teacher teaches your child for more than one subject, they will be discussed in one appointment. And in some cases, where classes are shared between teachers, they will take a single appointment between them.  This will make more sense when you see the online booking form.

Once you have selected an appointment time and submitted it, you will receive a confirmation email.

In Middle and Upper School, please do write down your appointments as you go along, so that you don’t accidentally ‘double-book’ yourself

One problem that may occasionally occur in Middle and Upper School is that you may find the only available slot for a teacher is one that you have already booked with another teacher. If this happens, please email giving as much detail as possible regarding your timings and hopefully, you will receive adjusted slots as close to what you originally wanted to book.