Historical Perspective

Tower College’s ‘Mission Statement’ is borne out of the aims for the school that our co-founders, Charles and Muriel Oxley, set down in 1948.

Charles and Muriel Oxley were insistent that excellent behaviour, smart dress and thinking of others before oneself were the cornerstones of a successful school and essential if pupils were to grow into being responsible and upstanding members of society. They knew that if staff paid attention to the smaller indiscretions, then the greater misdemeanours would never happen. Some considered them extreme in their zero-tolerance attitude towards bullying, telling lies, stealing, vandalism and swearing. But, those at Tower College knew that this was the perfect platform on which to build a school.

Charles and Muriel also laid special emphasis on the spiritual aspect of the Christian education provided. They were astute enough not to affiliate the school to any denomination, and to invite pupils of all faiths or none on the understanding that they would participate in Morning Assemblies and Religious Studies lessons. Pupils were expected to show tolerance and respect for each other’s faiths, and kindness and courtesy in all aspects of school life.

Mission Statement


Tower College aims to give each pupil a well-rounded education – teaching our pupils for life, not just to pass exams. It encourages an inclination to branch out, keeping all possibilities open for a future full of potential.

A well-rounded education is not a luxury for today’s pupils, it is a necessity if we want to prepare them for the realities of an ever-changing world.

Almost all careers and global citizenship require an interdisciplinary understanding and out-of-the-box thinking, which can best be cultivated through a well-rounded education.

Aims and Values

Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They help us to grow and develop and to create the future we want to experience. Our overriding aim is to inspire children to be their best selves.

We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunities and support to achieve not only excellent academic progress, but to also gain fundamental life skills such as finding their own strong voice, be outward-looking and confident in their own abilities, be kind and considerate, be a responsible citizen, be an effective listener, be creative and able to solve problems both individually and as part of a team; skills that are absolutely necessary if they are to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We achieve this by providing:
  • An inspiring and relevant curriculum with strong academic outcomes;
  • Motivating teaching encouraging independent and critical thought;
  • An extensive extra-curricular programme that includes a variety of enjoyable cultural, spiritual, social, sporting, creative activities.
  • support framework that contributes to personal, social, health, moral and emotional development leading to a well-balanced life;
  • An experience of learning to understand other people, working and living together within our school community, appreciating diversity and compromise;
  • A culture of encouragement, opportunity and challenge developing independence, resilience and confidence;
  • Opportunities for leadership, responsibility and collaboration.
  • Guidance to achieve personal goals, equipped with the requisite skills for sixth form college and professional life.
  • A close home-school partnership.

A word from our Principal

More than anything else, I am proud of being a part of a school that places its values above all else. I think that our co-founders, Charles and Muriel Oxley, would be well pleased that although Tower College has had to change and move forward, it has stayed faithful to the the values they set down in 1948. I am delighted to say that every day, without exception, I see these values reflected in the thoughts, words and actions of our children. For me, as well as encouraging high academic achievement, it is crucial that our children carry these values into their lives beyond Tower College – that they become responsible members of society who are always looking to make a positive contribution to whatever they are involved in.

Ms A C Bingley, Tower College, Principal