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In Middle School, pupils take more responsibility for their own learning and development. Having already been introduced to specialist subject teaching in Lower School, the transition is smooth and untroubled. At this point, the pupils have gained a strong sense of belonging to a supportive and close-knit family. Our staff take great care in supporting the pupils as they discover where their strengths and interests lie; this culminating in them deciding GCSE Option  subjects in Year 8.


We ensure that our pupils continue to develop essential core skills in literacy, numeracy and scientific investigation, reasoning and evaluation. National Curriculum elements are supplemented  to give our pupils a solid educational foundation for life inside and outside of school. Our pupils are encouraged to strive for excellence and by providing an inspiring curriculum and carefully designed enrichment programme it is hoped that our pupils become their best selves.

Preparing for Key Stage 4

We ensure that appropriate support is identified and implemented for each pupil to enable them to make the right academic and personal choices. The end of Middle School (Year 8) is a crucial time as the pupils prepare for Key Stage 4 and choose their GCSE Option Subjects..


From Year 5, your child will begin to enjoy the new experience of moving to specialist rooms for all their lessons. As an independent school, this is an opportunity that we can offer over and above what your child would normally receive and it helps them to build and sense of independence and organisational skills from an early age. The curriculum is designed to introduce more in depth study in each area, building on the solid foundations laid in Pre-pre and Lower School, to enable your child to make the right GCSE options decisions for them in Year 8.

Pupils learn formal and  creative writing skills as well as  advanced comprehension techniques. They continue to foster a love for reading by studying literature and poetry in greater depth.

Pupils study more complex problem solving reasoning and mathematical methods.

We continue to foster a love for music as children learn more about musical styles, musical theory and the history of music.

There is now a stronger focus on developing team working skills and learning about the benefits of physical activity and how it affects our bodies.

Our pupils are introduced to the concepts of human and physical geography. A heavy emphasis is placed on urban issues and the challenges posed by environmental change.

Topics are designed around helping the children to become confident, well-rounded young people who have a sense of responsibility to themselves and others.

Technology is without doubt a significant part of our lives. Throughout their time at Tower College, we seek to equip our children with the necessary technological skills to ensure that they are at an advantage in an ever changing IT landscape.

Skills in computer usage, computational thinking and programming are progressed.

Middle School focuses on the ability to read, write, speak and understand Spanish.

Chemistry, Physics and Biology – We study these individual subjects in more depth from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Art is a fundamental part of the Middle School curriculum allowing the children to develop their creative skills through a wide range of activities. Themed projects based on the work of specific artists and styles form a large part of the art curriculum.

The Middle School RE curriculum is designed to encourage the children to develop both socially and morally. The children continue to develop an appreciation of religions with a particular focus on different perspectives.

We now have an increased focus on specific topics and times in history, including events and cultures in ancient history, the middle ages and modern times.


Our GCSE Options system is set by the pupils and their choices. We believe that individually tailored selections are in the best interests of our pupils. We do not believe in ‘pushing’ children into certain subjects to improve league table positions. Whilst it is satisfying to be top of the league, it is more important that our pupils leave Tower College with successful outcomes.

The compulsory subjects equip pupils with essential skills for life, but the option subjects play to their interests and strengths. Pupils studying subjects of their choice will be happier, more confident, better engaged and ultimately more successful. A class of engaged and happy pupils will benefit from this positive learning environment. Parents will also find pupils easier to motivate during study, revision and potentially stressful mocks and examinations.

In Year 8, pupils are asked to compile a list showing their choices in order of preference. Our Vice-Principal & Director of Studies then uses this information to organize the Options Blocks according to the pupils’ needs. Once completed, the pupils check to ensure that their choices fit and that they are happy with them. The next stage is our Year 8 Options Evening, where staff discuss each subjects’ specification and expectations. At this stage, changes can be made to the Option Blocks if necessary. The final decisions are then collated.

We also recognise that some pupils may have strengths and talents that lie outside of school. Whether this be a sporting talent such as football or tennis or a desire to become a musician, we will seek to accommodate and support pupils. This may include (with parental consent) a reduction in the number of option subjects taken.

As a non-selective school, we also consider reducing option subjects for those with Special Needs and disabilities. For example, a child with severe dyslexia may find foreign language study more difficult. Gifted & talented children in some circumstances may be offered the opportunity for extension subjects, sometimes by extending the school day for an individual or group.


Enrichment: Sport

Sporting enrichment allows the children to try new activities and find something that fits with their own personal interests and abilities. Activities include:

Karate – the children are trained and officially graded in Goju Ryu Karate Do by their professional Karate Sensei
Football – professional coaches teach the children key football skills
Rugby – our talented PE staff run sessions to teach pupils rugby skills
Judo – skills in this martial art delivered is by a professional Judo Sensei

Enrichment: Creative Skills

Book Club – Pupils gather in the library for literary discussion
Creative Writing – Pupils can also take part in national writing competitions
School Band – the band rehearse every week and perform regularly at school events with a house music festival taking place each year
Art club – budding artists can create their own unique masterpieces

1to1 music tuition is available at extra charge

Enrichment: Leadership & Communication Skills

Modul UN – challenging and fun public speaking and debating club, helps pupils to learn about a wide variety of important issues that affect our world. An excellent way to develop skills of public speaking, persuasion and diplomacy, as well as to socialise with pupils from different year groups

School Council – The children can stand for a position on the school council where they are elected by their peers to represent and put forward their views and ideas

The school has a calming vibe. The teachers are always willing to help you with your problems – and not just not just in their subject – it’s like having a second family.

Sarah - Year 3

I feel very thankful to be learning, socialising and having fun here in this lovely school.

Sophia - Year 8

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