Dear Parents and Children

I am very pleased to be able to welcome everyone back after the February half-term and after what has been, for me, a particularly difficult time following my accident. Recuperation, though tedious, did give me time for considerable reflection. I am now, more than ever, convinced that Tower College has the brightest of futures.

I am indebted to Miss Oxley, who without a moment’s hesitation stepped in to my shoes. No sooner had she settled into her ‘days of leisure’ than she was back in school doing the very job she had just retired from. I have no doubts that she expected to be performing some minor functionary roles – but Principal, I think not! And, I would also like to give special thanks to Mrs Knox and the Senior Management Team for supporting Miss Oxley and taking on even more responsibility. I really am very proud to be associated with such a dedicated team of staff. To Miss Oxley: Happy Re-Retirement!

I have now returned to school on an almost full-time basis and I am really looking forward to all the exciting activities that we have planned; I have desperately missed the excitement and intensity of school life. I am eagerly anticipating World Book Day when the children and staff dress up in the guise of a famous literary character. If previous World Book Days are anything to go by, then we are in for a real treat. Look out for the photos!

Just recently, I attended the governors’ meeting and again I was reminded of what a truly wonderful school we have. The governors are largely engaged in regulatory issues regarding the school, but in the meeting, it became very clear that at the heart of all they do is a genuine concern for the well-being of the children and the continued success of the school. The governors expressed that they are privileged to be serving a school with exceptional pupils who are allowed to thrive in a close-knit, safe family environment. I would also like to give special thanks to Mr Karl Murphy who has given up an inordinate amount of time in helping the school to set up a new management information system. His tireless efforts have made a long and laborious project more bearable.

As I was writing up the governors’ meeting notes and thinking about all the kind words they had to say about the school, children and staff, the more convinced I became that we simply don’t ‘show off’ enough. Perhaps modesty too often gets the better of us. Well – no more! As a start, I will commit extra staff time to Facebook posting to ensure a plethora of content exhibiting all the wonderful activities that happen at Tower. So, please do regularly visit our page and ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’.

I hope parents have found the recent Parents’ Evening valuable. The feedback that we have had thus far has been extremely positive with parents being very appreciative of the detailed analysis given by staff on their child’s progress.

Holroyd Howe, our catering company, continues to be a huge success. Our new chef James has revised the menu to take into account the children’s and parents’ feedback. We are well aware that not every meal will be to everyone’s liking, but I can assure that you James is doing his very best to accommodate all tastes. We have recently had some queries over the halal provision which James has now addressed. We will be holding parent taster sessions in the near future when parents will be invited into school to sample the meals that are on offer.

My movement around school school is still fairly restricted but I have managed to make it to several assemblies. It was on my way to Pre-Prep assembly that I was stopped in my tracks by a Reception pupil who calmly stated that she knew exactly why I had been absent from school: I had been having a baby! Far be it for me to discourage ‘out of the mouths of babes’ but in this case, I did set the young lady straight!

And finally, congratulations to Mrs Wright (formerly Miss Deane) our Head of Pre- Prep, whose wedding took place over the half-term break. We wish her a very long and happy marriage. Her new email address is mrswright@towercollege.com

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs A C O’Grady (Principal)


Celebrating the life of Robert Burns

This month the pupils have been learning about Robert Burns and we held two afternoons full of fun to celebrate his life. The pupils had a fantastic time playing some ‘Highland Games’, including tossing the caber, hammer throwing with a pillow, dancing to Scottish music and creating their own tartan.  They also made Scotch broth, oat cakes and porridge.

Winter Walk

Thanks to our snowy day, we were able to take the pupils out on a walk and look for signs of winter. We saw lots of beautiful snowy landscapes and looked out for squirrels playing in the snow.  We found some beautiful snow drops around the school grounds and we were lucky enough to find some early signs of spring!

New Enrichment Clubs

We have introduced two new clubs to Pre-Prep, Lego and Craft club which are run during school time. We have been very busy building and we may have some budding architects in our classes!

Chinese New Year

The whole department have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have made Chinese lanterns and tried some delicious Chinese food at our Chinese New Year party, where we listened to some traditional music and discovered the origins of the Chinese New Year.

Melting Ice

Bluebird have had an exciting time too. Elsa made a visit to their classroom and accidentally froze some of her friends! Bluebird pupils had to work hard to save them while at the same time learning about ice and how it can be melted.


Year 2 Handwriting

Our Year 2 children have been working extremely hard on their handwriting and the presentation of their work. Most have moved from print handwriting focusing on correct letter formation to including the flicks and swoops of pre-cursive handwriting. There has been a tremendous amount of progress made in handwriting this term and both staff and children are extremely proud of their achievements (please see the image to the right). Some children are now beginning to start each letter on the line as the final part of pre-cursive writing before the transition to joining their letters. We hope that you have noticed the improvements made in handwriting at home as much as we have in school and we would like to thank all parents for supporting your children in completing the handwriting homework tasks – it really does make a difference!

Out of School Achievements

The children work very hard both in and out of school and we feel that it is important to recognise all of their successes and achievements. We have had a number of children who have received awards and certificates for their out of school activities and they are always keen to share their successes with their classmates. Well done to Senumi for her achievements in Swimming and Ava-Grace for her achievements in Gymnastics. Both are pictured to the right with their medals. If your child has any of their own successes to share in the future please encourage them to bring their awards into school to share with us.

Y4 and Chinese New Year

Year 4 have been celebrating Chinese New Year. As 2019 is the Year of the Pig, the children created posters and Christine and Angela taught the other children how to say Happy New Year in Cantonese and Mandarin. The children have made a Great Wall of Friendship and have created some wonderful artwork to display in class. They enjoyed comparing their lives to children living in Shanghai and Beijing and they felt very lucky when they found out that some Chinese children go to school on Saturdays! Gong hei fat choy!


Chillax Fridays

Chill Out club is a popular, Middle School club that runs on Friday lunchtimes. Pupils are able to listen to relaxing music, read a book, draw or do a spot of creative writing. It’s a quiet environment and offers an opportunity for pupils from across Middle school to recharge their batteries ready for afternoon lessons at the end of a busy week.


Our Middle School actors are busy preparing themselves for a performance in the summer. The Middle school group are looking forward to showcasing their talents and are currently enjoying taking part in activities such as: script work, improvisations, freeze frames and confidence building games. Watch this space for more information about our summer performance.

Code Club

Code club has restarted and Middle School pupils have been having fun exploring sphero robots. They started by controlling the robots via Bluetooth connection and have moved on to coding activities such as ‘Disco Sphero’ and ‘Around the World in 60 minutes’. The children enjoyed exploring and experimenting with their code.

Code Club


Upper school pupils have been gearing up for the mock GCSE and internal midyear examinations. Year 11 have begun early morning and after school booster sessions in many subjects. We hope all pupils have been preparing well and we wish everyone the best of luck. While year 11 pupils are doing their mock examinations, year 10 pupils will take over their role as prefects. We hope this will be an enlightening and positive experience for the pupils of year 10 as they will be asked to apply to become prefects themselves in the summer term in readiness for the next academic year. It really is a chance to give a little back to school and allows pupils to show what leadership skills they have! A number of pupils took part in the ISA Senior Cross Country held at Scarisbrick Hall School.


A number of pupils took part in the ISA Senior Cross Country held at Scarisbrick Hall School.

Back Row: Amber, Georgia, Liam, Archard, Harry, Jamie, Oscar, Joseph Theo
Middle Row: Joshua, Afolabi, Mariana, Sophia, Ella, Jessica, George
Front Row: Harvey, Rocco, Joel, Harrison, Isaac, Ben, Harvey

Congratulations to Jamie 11K who once again gained a place at the Nationals.


Year 9 Football Team

Back Row: Liam, Archard, Oscar, Joseph
Front Row: Patrick, Harry, James, Daniel

Year 11 Football Team

Back Row: Harvey, Kyle, Sachin, Lewis, Christian
Front Row: Oliver, Jamie, Isaac


Congratulations to Zara 10P who has been selected to play for Cheshire in an upcoming tournament in Northern Ireland. She has worked incredibly hard with the squad since September and has done extremely well to be selected.

Congratulations to Ayaan 10P who has recently gained his black belt stage two in Karate.

Congratulations to Roman 9W who has once again been selected to play for the England U14’s Football team against Belgium.


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