GCSE Options 2019

Our GCSE Options system is set by the pupils’ choices. The compulsory subjects equip pupils with essential skills and the option subjects play to their interests and strengths. Pupils studying subjects of their choice will be happier, more confident, better engaged and ultimately more successful. Parents will also find pupils easier to motivate during study, revision and potentially stressful mocks and examinations.

In Year 8, pupils are asked to compile a list showing their choices in order of preference. Our Director of Studies then uses this information to organize the Options Blocks according to the pupils’ needs. Once completed, the pupils check that their choices fit. The next stage is our Year 8 Options Evening, where staff discuss each subjects’ specification and expectations. At this stage, changes can be made to the Option Blocks. The final decisions are then collated.

We also recognise that some pupils may have talents that lie outside of school. Whether this be a sporting talent such as football or tennis or a desire to become a musician, we will seek to accommodate and support pupils. This may include (with parental consent) a reduction in the number of option subjects taken.

As a non-selective school, we also consider reducing option subjects for those with Special Needs and disabilities. For example, a child with severe dyslexia may find foreign language study more difficult. Gifted & talented children in some circumstances may be offered the opportunity for extension subjects, sometimes by extending the school day for an individual or group.

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