Preview of Educational Visits Policy

The Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits (HASPEV) was published in 1998, and, together with supplementary guidance, was the mainstay of advice on school visits in England until 2011. In November 2011, in England, HASPEV was replaced by Health and Safety: Department for Education Advice on Legal Duties and Powers for Local Authorities, Head Teachers, Staff and Governing Bodies. This is an extremely brief summary of the law relating to school visits, an outline of employer and employee duties, Health and Safety Policies and reporting of injuries.

Whilst it is no longer endorsed by the Department for Education, HASPEV remains an important and valid source of in-depth advice on educational visits and this document and guidance has been produced using both documents.

Off-site visits are activities arranged by or on behalf of the School, which take place outside the school grounds. This policy includes all off site activities, visits and School trips, from short visits to other Schools to undertake sports fixtures to residential trips outside the UK. The policy will also cover trips organised through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DofE). Off-site activities can supplement and enrich the curriculum of the School by providing experiences which would otherwise be impossible. All off-site activities must serve an educational purpose, enhancing and enriching pupils’ learning experiences.

This policy has been created to establish a clear and coherent structure for the planning and evaluation of our off-site visits and to ensure that any risks to the health and safety of pupils are managed and kept to a minimum at all times. Within these limits, the School will seek to make all visits available to all pupils and, wherever possible, to make them accessible to those with disabilities. All staff leading a trip away from the School site must make the safety and welfare of the pupils the priority.

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