I hope you and your family are well. Any of us thinking that summer had come early last week will have thought again this week as winter lets us know that it hasn’t quite finished yet! Despite the wintry relapse, I hope we all have a wonderful Easter break.

Before going any further, I would like to express my thanks for your support. Since Christmas, we have made great strides in returning the school to near normal operation whilst maintaining the prevailing Covid safety protocols. We could not have done this alone – thank you. We are also grateful for your support in our extracurricular activities which we are now able to run again, especially the trip to Culmington Manor and World Book Day. I am thrilled that we are again able to offer such wonderful trips and enrichment experiences and we are delighted with the take-up of places so far. Keep an eye out for information on further experiences and trips coming very soon!

A Happy School!

Recently the staff have been discussing our upcoming Open Day plans. Somewhere in the discussion, we arrived at how we should advertise the event and more specifically – the advertisement itself. One suggestion was that we keep it simple by having the words ‘A HAPPY SCHOOL’ overlaying an image of the school with supporting images of the children. I did like this idea as there’s no doubt that happy pupils and happy staff are necessary prerequisites for a successful school. However, some staff felt that although our own parents would fully understand where we were coming from, anyone else wouldn’t really ‘get it’.

The discussion took an interesting turn as staff offered their insights into what makes Tower College so special. Ideas came and ideas went until Mrs Gibson suggested that we use an educational quotation that embodies everything we are and also captures the essence of a happy school. Not content with just the idea, Mrs Gibson then served up the perfect quotation (see ad below). I’m sure that you’ll agree that a happy and successful school is built upon strong teacher-pupil relationships and for me, the children’s faith in their teachers is what makes Tower College so special – they know WE CARE.

This term has not been without its challenges but the strength of our community and the depth of our compassion have been remarkable. Your incredible response, along with the children’s and the staff’s, to the dreadful war in Ukraine is something that I will never forget. You can read about this and much more in the departmental reports. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

I wish you a restful and HAPPY Easter!

Ms Bingley


Head of Enrichment and Pupil Development – Mr Southward

Transition – Moving up into a new class or year group can give rise to understandable anxiety for some children as they navigate new rooms and routines. After Easter, in my new role, I hope to alleviate any tensions and unease by coordinating the transition period for Middle School. Events will be organised to facilitate links with and between teachers and moving-up or new pupils joining Tower College.

Enrichment – Staff have been working hard on our enrichment provision. Our updated Enrichment Programme for Years 5 – 11 is now available to view on the school website. Along with your child, please could you choose the preferred activities. form. It would be very helpful if you could do this by Sunday 24th April. The form is available at Enrichment – Tower College.

Epraise – The inception of Epraise has had a marked impact on the pupils and has been welcomed by the staff. It has been wonderful to see pupils succeed and achieve recognition through the house point system and badges. Pupils, thus far, have earned over an incredible 6,000 house points.

  • Baxter has been awarded this term’s house winner;
  • 7PH has been awarded top form;
  • The staff member awarding the most house points is Miss Pietrasanta.

Next term we will launch the Epraise shop. Pupils will be able to trade their house points for rewards at the end of the summer term. View Epraise via this link Tower College | epraise.co.uk .

Duke of Edinburgh – Tower College has become a licenced centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Pupils who have already signed up for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award will be meeting with me to discuss the next steps in this exciting journey. There will be an expedition training day on Saturday 11th June and the assessed expedition will be from Saturday 18th June to Sunday 19th June. More information to follow closer to the expedition date.

Early Intervention and Support Lead – Miss Porter

In my new role as Early Intervention and Support Lead, I hope to ensure that the children become confident, independent and well-rounded pupils who have a passion for learning. To achieve this, I will be coordinating the introduction of a greater variety of interventions to ensure learning is accessible and personalised for the children. In turn, these interventions will ensure all children realise their full potential.

We understand the crucial role that parents and carers play in childhood development and to take the best advantage of this, I’m looking forward to introducing parent workshops. Also, I will be leading English and Phonics to guarantee that Tower College has a creative, challenging and high-quality curriculum that teaches children key skills for life.

Spanish Teacher – Miss Riley

Hola todos,

I’m Miss E. Riley and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself as a newly appointed Spanish teacher here at Tower College. I would like to share my experience and teaching journey thus far with you all.

As a child, I have always been fascinated with language and the diverse ways in which people from all over the world can communicate. Spending holidays in France every summer as a child sparked an interest in language learning in me from a very early age. I vividly remember reading “My First French Words” book on a car journey to France as a 5-year-old and from there my love for language grew. As an adult, I have spent summers travelling through Europe spending weeks in hidden French and Spanish towns, immersing myself in the culture and daily life of the local European communities and learning their way of life. During the completion of my French & Hispanic Undergraduate Degree at the University of Liverpool, I spent a year abroad studying on an Erasmus programme living in Paris and Alicante, an experience I will cherish forever. Post University I undertook a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages and have since secured teaching positions as Key Stage Leader and Head of MFL.

As well as my teaching experience, I am also the proud owner of a foreign language business “Oui Talk Languages” which was established after the birth of my first daughter Florence. We successfully run baby, toddler and preschool French and Spanish sessions as well as 1:1 and group tuition.

At Tower College, I hope to instil a love of languages unto all our outstanding pupils and will endeavour to allow them to experience the rich wonders that language learning can bring both in and outside of the classroom. I hope to widen their horizons and inspire them to believe they can achieve anything they desire as they embark upon their exciting language learning journey at Tower College and beyond.

I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful school and I’m so excited to be working with such outstanding pupils alongside an incredible staff.

Spanish Teacher – Mrs Turner

Mrs Turner will be teaming up with Miss Riley to run the school’s Spanish programme. Many of you will already be acquainted with Mrs Turner’s excellent teaching as she has been in Lower  School for some time. Mrs Turner is a highly qualified and experienced teacher and a perfect complement to Miss Riley. Unfortunately, the editor has lost Mrs Turner’s write-up (I’m so sorry Mrs Turner!) but will try to find and post it as soon as. Meanwhile, we do have a picture of Mrs Turner with Isaac, who chose Mrs Turner as Teacher of the Week.


The Charity Ambassadors, appointed in January, have already exceeded all expectations and their sterling work, along with the parent’s generosity, has been remarkable. Each charitable endeavour was met with an overwhelming response, making a real difference to lives close to home and to families overseas. Organised events included Own Clothes Day, Humanitarian Donations for Ukraine, Easter Gala Raffle, Guess the Number of Eggs and an Easter Egg Collection for Alder Hey. Again, many thanks to Zoya who sold out of her charms at the Easter Gala!

Comic Relief raised – £280
Raffle / Guess the eggs in the jar – £229
Ukraine – Blue & Yellow Day raised – £787
Easter Egg collection – 254 Eggs

It was a pleasure to see our pupils arrive at school wearing blue and yellow to show their support for the victims of the war in Ukraine. A huge thank you for all the donations sent in for the Ukraine appeals. We were overwhelmed with many useful goods including, clothing, toiletries and medical supplies, that helped support many struggling families. In Miss Pietrasanta’s Maths lessons, the children created a display to help raise awareness of the Ukrainian plight. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine.

Prize Winners:

Easter Egg Hamper – Jensen Y4
Easter Egg – Callum Year 10
Guess the Number Mini-Eggs in Jar – Liba Y5
Design a Library – Jaidenvir Y4

A huge thank-you to everyone who helped make someone else’s life a little better. I hope you have a lovely Easter break.

Ms Gregory.


World Book Day

Lower School fully embraced the spirit of World Book Day. The children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as their favourite story characters. Of all the school events in the year, this is one of my favourites, especially because reading is ‘literally’ the key to everything! The video below shows the day in all its glory. Please view full-screen!

School Council

The new Pre-Prep and Lower School Councillors are Fatima and Oliver (Year One), Boris and Rihaana (Year 2), Ron and Poppy (Year 3) and Jensen and Aoife (Year 4). Meeting regularly, the councillors provide invaluable pupil feedback about aspects of Lower School life. This term, there has been a focus on general ideas for school: teacher house points, crazy hair day and opportunities to work with other classes. Next term, the councillors will be looking to introduce these ideas whilst continuing to meet to discuss new ideas.

World Science Week

Lower School’s inaugural Science Week was a huge success with pupils enjoying their time in the labs with Mrs Davies, Mr Thorn and Miss Nash. Riddhi, Year 3, enthused, “I can’t wait to be in Middle School so I can do more experiments like this!”. Our in-school Science Week competition winners are Elsie – Year 2, Thomas – Year 3 and Jaiden – Year 4. Their home experiments were very impressive indeed. The Science Poster competition closes on 15th April 2022, so don’t delay if you wish to enter. (Poster Competition – British Science Week)

Roman Soldier Visit

Our ‘Roman Day’ was yet another fun-packed educational event enjoyed by the children. A Roman soldier told the children about his life in Britain, discussing such things as battle weapons and the food he ate. The children had a wonderful time and gathered valuable material to enhance their creative writing.

Creativity Boosts Home Learning

The children have continued to enjoy completing creative projects as part of their home learning. It has certainly led to increased knowledge and a greater understanding of the topics taught in the classroom.

The teachers have been impressed with not only the children’s level of enthusiasm when sharing their work but also the exceptional quality of many of the projects. Year 1 have been learning about Growth while planting sunflowers and producing a sunflower diary. Year 2 have deepened their African knowledge and made some magnificent musical instruments. Year 3 became scientists and performers with their puppet shows! Year 4 prepared for battle, making their own Motte and Bailey castles and crafting catapults for an attack. Across the Pre-Prep and Lower School departments, the children produced fantastic Easter bonnets and baskets!

The summer term promises more of the above with the annual Child Genius 2022 competition, leadership and team-building workshops, and more exhibitions.

Celebrating Achievement

Each week, a pupil from each class is awarded the accolade of being ‘Star of the Week’ or a ‘Merit Badge Winner’. To receive the award, pupils must excel in academic work/effort, sport, music or citizenship. To further recognise this achievement, the pupils attend ‘Afternoon Tea with the Principal’ who dutifully serves up juice and biscuits!

Introducing E-Praise

E-Praise is our new behaviour and rewards system (see Mr Southward above). Children and parents can log into the system to track performance. Additionally, it has revolutionised house points into a meaningful and highly competitive system. Class winners were presented with a trophy in our Celebration Assembly and our top pupils received a letter.

The leading class is in Lower School is Year 1 with 574 house points!

Wishing you a very happy Easter

Mrs Wright


The spring season is a time of green shoots, and our pupils have truly adopted this into their own growth mindset! As the weather has improved and Covid-19 restrictions have eased, our pupils are making the most of every opportunity at Tower College.


With a wide variety of school trips having taken place this half term, the pupils have embraced the notion of learning outside of the classroom and have represented the school in our community in the best possible light.

Mrs Riley’s Law Court enrichment sessions have proved highly popular and taking her previous experience and connections as a practising solicitor has led to a fantastic trip to the Greater Manchester Police Museum for pupils that opted for enriching experiences in the field of law. The interactive workshop enabled pupils to explore the various roles in our court system and both prepare for and enact a trial based on real contemporary cases involving issues such as cyber-bullying and robbery.

Walker Art Gallery – Year 9 and 10 GCSE Art pupils visited the Liverpool World Museum and the Walker Art Gallery as part of their studies, looking at a range of art forms. At the Walker Art Gallery, we looked at a selection of exhibitions showcasing paintings, sculptures and decorative arts from the 13th century to the present day. Pupils were able to see famous examples of Renaissance, pre-Raphaelite and impressionist art among other styles. The pupils were impeccably behaved and enjoyed their visit, which will have benefited them greatly to prepare for making their own choices of subjects and styles as part of their GCSE coursework. Miss Morris and Mr Glover

Skipton Castle – Year 7 visited Skipton in Yorkshire as part of their History and Geography studies. We were given a tour of the town’s medieval castle and told about its origins in Norman times, through its use in the Tudor era as the function of the castle changed from defence to comfort. The class then visited Skipton High Street and undertook a quality survey of the town, looking at various buildings and their uses. Our pupils worked well in small groups and gathered data that will be used in forthcoming Geography lessons. They were impeccably behaved – a real credit to the school. Mr Jack & Mr Taylor.

Culmington Manor Residential Weekend – Following the reintroduction of residential trips with our Year 7 and Year 8 pupils to Colomendy, we were excited to offer pupils in Year 9, 10 and 11 a similar opportunity with a trip to Culmington Manor in Shropshire. Pupils took part in activities such as high ropes, rifle shooting and kayaking, with pupils showing great resilience in facing their fears. Mr Taylor, Miss Nash, Mr Glover and Mrs Riley.


World Book Day has always been a favourite at Tower College, and Mrs Christian and Mrs Riley put on a fantastic celebration of literature.. Pupils and staff took the opportunity to dress as their favourite characters. Winners were selected from each form, with each winner being presented a new page-turner for their efforts.

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people, and to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively. Safer Internet Day 2022 was celebrated with the theme of ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.

Mock Results Day once again proved to be more than a worthwhile event. Following the second series of Mock Exams, Year 11 pupils were invited to gain an insight into the emotions they will feel on August 25th later this year. Pupils have since been working hard and making good progress, meeting with their dedicated mentors and attending booster sessions.

British Science Week was celebrated between the 14th and 18th of March, and our fantastic Science department pulled out all the stops! The theme of “Growth” inspired our pupils to design posters for a national competition, with entries including buildings, eco-friendly behaviours, animals and even how we can grow plants on Mars! Mr Thorn and Miss Nash also invited pupils to perform science experiments at home, with prizes awarded to many of the excellent submissions received.

Rotary – Youth Speaks Competition – Three of our Year 10 pupils took part in the annual Rotary Youth Speaks competition. This prestigious event gives young people the opportunity to work as part of a team and the chance to deliver a speech on a topic that they feel is important to them. This year, the team chose to speak on the topic of “The Doughnut Economy” with Sarah delivering a powerful and thought-provoking speech about the economy and sustainability. The team were overall runners up and we were delighted that Sarah also won the individual award of “Best Main Speaker” in the competition.


We are aware of the impact of strong home-school links and communication, and our new communication guidelines seem to be having a positive effect on the learning of our pupils. In our Christmas newsletter, we encouraged parents to contact their child’s subject specialist teacher for matters relating to curriculum areas, with Mr Glover taking the lead on parental communication and collaboration. For your convenience, we have listed Middle and Upper School Teacher’s email addresses below.

Miss Morris Art missmorris@towercollege.com
Mrs Davies Biology mrsdavies@towercollege.com
Miss Nash Chemistry missnash@towercollege.com
Mr Glover Computer Science mrglover@towercollege.com
Mrs Riley English mrsriley@towercollege.com
Mrs Christian English mrschristian@towercollege.com
Mr Taylor Geography and R.E. mrmataylor@towercollege.com
Mrs Griffiths Geography and R.E. mrsgriffiths@towercollege.com
Mr Jack History and R.E. mrmajack@towercollege.com
Miss Pietrasanta Maths misspietrasanta@towercollege.com
Mrs King Maths mrsking@towercollege.com
Mrs Hannaford Music mrshannaford@towercollege.com
Mr Southward P.E. mrsouthward@towercollege.com
Mrs Melling P.E. mrsmelling@towercollege.com
Mr Thorn Physics & I.T. mrthorn@towercollege.com
Miss Riley Spanish missriley@towercollege.com <95% confirmed at time of writing>
Mrs Turner Spanish mrsturner@towercollege.com <95% confirmed at time of writing>


Careers Fayre – We aim to make our pupils aware of the opportunities open to them when they move on to the exciting world of employment as young adults. In order to facilitate this, Miss Nash is hosting a Tower College Careers Fayre on Friday 29th of April. The aim of this event is to inform and inspire our pupils, and to allow for networking opportunities with organisations large and small. We are fortunate to be hosting inspirational individuals that will talk to our pupils about their own careers, and the paths they took to get there. If you (or any of your connections) are interested in attending the Tower College Careers Fayre to inform the next generation about a given career and how to become involved in it, please register your interest through the below online form – https://forms.office.com/r/UCMw8Fprkf

Year 11 Prom – This will take place on 1st July and further details will be released shortly from our Prom Planning Committee.

School Trips – There is a residential visit planned for our new year 7s in September to Willersley Castle and an exciting weekend trip to London in November. Details will be sent out in the coming weeks via ParentMail.

We wish you a wonderful Easter break.

Ms Gregory, Mr Glover and Mr Taylor


God of peace and justice, we pray for the people of Ukraine today. We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons. We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow, that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them. We pray for those with power over war or peace, for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions. Above all, we pray for all your children, at risk and in fear, that you would hold and protect them. We pray in the name of Jesus, Prince of Peace. Amen.

Prayer was written by the Archbishops of Canterbury & York