• All members of the school workforce have a right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.
  • Workplace harassment, bullying and victimisation are totally unacceptable
  • No member of the school workforce should have to tolerate harassment, bullying or victimisation from colleagues, pupils, members of the public or other individuals they may encounter at work, or on school trips
  • The school recognizes that any member of the school workforce can be subjected to these forms of behaviour
  • The school will assess whether harassment, bullying or victimisation has occurred based on the impact of the action(s) on the victim rather than the intent of the alleged perpetrator
  • The school will not base decisions about handling harassment, bullying or victimisation on whether someone submitted to or rejected a particular instance of harassment, bullying or victimisation.

The school strives for a workplace that’s free of harassment, bullying and victimisation through the following:

  • Raising awareness of the issues of harassment, bullying and victimisation, and refusing to tolerate these behaviours
  • Supporting any member of the school workforce who is harassed, bullied or victimized
  • Dealing with any issues through agreed processes when they are raised
  • Ensuring that senior leaders demonstrate and uphold high standards of conduct.

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Dignity at Work Policy

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