Building Strong Foundations

The early years are a crucial part in a child’s development as they embark on their journey through school life. Every child has their own needs and our small class sizes help to provide the best support as they start to build foundations for a successful future. We focus on giving our children the confidence to develop learning skills through ‘creative play’, although we do introduce a little more structure and formality as the children move towards Year 1.

Purposeful Learning

Learning is engaging and purposeful. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and our small class sizes allow us to develop the children’s individual learning interests further. Our approach allows children to flourish in a safe and secure environment. As our school day can sometimes be daunting for young children, we have strategies to help our children every step of the way.

Pre-Prep School Curriculum

A phonetic approach is taken in teaching our children to read and write. A wide range of imaginative and interesting reading material supports this crucial stage in their learning.

Opportunities are provided to encourage and help our children to better express themselves.

Counting, arithmetic and problems solving skills are progressed.

Art is a fundamental part of the Pre-Prep curriculum allowing the children to develop their creative skills through a wide range of activities.

We encourage a love of music and children have the opportunity to take up an instrument of their choice from Year 2

Timetabled PE activities and PSHE education encourage the children to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. They are helped to understand how to respect others, develop self awareness, the importance of appropriate behaviour, taking care of themselves and making healthy choices.

 In History, the children are introduced to significant events that have shaped the world.

In Geography, the children discover the world around them and gain a sense of the wider world.

Technology is a significant part of our lives; we seek to equip our children with the necessary technological skills to ensure that they are at an advantage in an ever changing IT landscape.

Scientific principles are taught through experimentation and evaluation. We are fortunate to have extensive and beautiful grounds to teach the children about nature and the world they live in.

The Pre-Prep RE curriculum is designed to encourage the children to develop both socially and morally. The children begin to develop an appreciation of religions with a particular focus on festivals.

Topics are designed around helping the children to become confident, well-rounded young people who have a sense of responsibility to themselves and others.

The sooner children are introduced to a new language the better. Regular Spanish lessons are taught in Year 1.

Homework is regularly given but is never onerous! Our staff are very aware that children have spent a good deal of time learning in school and going home to do more can be counter-productive. Pre-Prep homework is mainly reading.

Pre-Prep School Enrichment
Sports, Social & Creative Skills

  • Yoga: Basics delivered by qualified teacher
  • Swimming: Lessons begin in Year 1
  • Nature Club & Welly Wednesday: Lessons outdoors exploring the grounds and gardens
  • School Council: The children stand for a position on the school council where they are elected by their peers to forward their views and ideas.
  • Busy Feet: Dance for the the little ones!
  • Football: Key skills delivered by professional coaches
  • Seal Club: Storytelling and playing games
  • Playground Friends: The children train to become playground friends and learn how to support their peers and younger children at playtimes.