Covid-19 Reopening Guidance September 2020

Summer term 2020 will be remembered as a turning point in our education system, a time when the rites of passage typically associated with the final months of the academic year were torn asunder. The familiar cycle of examinations, sports days, celebrations, and preparations for moving on has been reimagined. Pupils who left school suddenly on 20th March have their own stories to tell. It really was a great pleasure to welcome our Year 11 back to celebrate their outstanding GCSE results on August 20th. And, to the staff, my heartfelt thanks; they were suddenly required to do many things differently (not least providing full live online timetable) and  assimilate volumes of guidance at record pace.

Lockdown has galvanized reflection on an intense scale: Who are we? How has our collective history shaped us? What does a future hold that is characterised by increasing online default for so much human connectivity? COVID-19 held a mirror to society and required us to focus on the transformative power of education. We need to nurture resilient, creative, solution-focused minds. We need to equip our pupils with the technology, skills and motivation to learn remotely. We need to maintain the connections that we established with parents during Lockdown’s online learning to ensure that our Tower College community remains strong.


Over the summer break, we have worked collaboratively with the ISA and other schools and have gained invaluable knowledge regarding overcoming the barriers that schools faced during the partial reopening phase. Reflection on lessons learned is mutually supportive and essential to growth. Several of these schools have contributed case studies to aid the sector in preparation for full reopening in September 2020. Thank you to all contributors for your generosity of spirit and positive culture.

I am sure that parents will feel assured to know that our school has been open throughout the lockdown, since 20th March for vulnerable and key worker children and since 2nd June to eligible year groups. We have been so impressed with how our children have adapted to the safety measures that we have put in place and their experiences will undoubtedly support their settling back into school in September. Being able to welcome all our year groups back in September, is both an exciting and challenging operation for us all.

Further information to follow …

It is vital to note that this plan for reopening is not exhaustive and as we continue to receive further guidance and updates from the government and DfE, it will be subject to change. Our SMT team will be meeting on Tuesday 1st, September to finalise the day to day organizational arrangements. This plan and these arrangements will be scrutinised by Citation, our H&S advisors, who will be conducting a full-site Covid-19 secure audit. Having ensured compliance, we will then send parents an information pack detailing all our arrangements. This pack, as well as containing the day to day arrangements, will also contain Ark Travel’s Coach Service Risk Assessment, Holroyd-Howe’s Catering Risk Assessment, Breakfast & After School Club Risk Assessments along with the changes that we have made to several of our mandatory policies.

All our planning and arrangements have been devised in line with government guidance which can be viewed online @ Government Guidance