Careers Education and Guidance

In Year 9, careers’ education is an awakening process for pupils. At this stage, it is expected that, while many pupils will have an idea about their intentions, most will not. Emphasis is placed on research and enquiry into general areas of employment in order to stimulate ‘interest and gain an understanding of entry levels and requirements.

Tower College works in partnership with Morrisby. Towards the end of Y10, all pupils complete the Morrisby psychometric questionnaire. The results are presented in an extensive and in-depth report for each pupil, which forms the basis for a one-to-one interview regarding their early career aspirations. These interviews take place either at the end of Y10 or early in Y11.

Morrisby provide ‘follow-up’ on the report and interview. This provides a framework for informed choice of subjects and application to sixth form college/school. As part of this process, pupils are given access to careers advice from Morrisby for life!

Morrisby will be present at Options Evening to offer consulatation regarding all aspects and implications of subject choice.

Independent Schools Careers Organisation

Tower College has been a member of ISCO for many years. ISCO offers professional support for careers, higher education preparation and skills development in independent and international schools.

Our Pupils, from Year 10 until the age of 23, have the benefits of Careers and Higher Education Guidance which comprises:

  • Morrisby Profile and Feedback
  • ISCO support to age of 23
  • Information Helpline
  • Expert advice
  • An objective Guidance Interview
  • 12 Issues of CareerScope
  • ISCO Bookclub
  • Discounts on Publication and Software
  • Priority on ISCO Careers Courses

Membership subscriptions are £25 per term (during Year 10 and Year 11), and are included on your invoice, for your convenience.


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