Activities take place on weekdays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm and 4pm to 5pm. Please read the descriptors below. If you would like to book your child on to one or more of the clubs, please complete the online booking form at the bottom of the webpage. Please note that it is not possible for pupils to attend individual sessions – only block sessions can be booked. Once the booking is confirmed, parents will be invoiced in the usual way.


Drama for Years 2 – 6 (Every Monday from January 24th – March 28th 4pm – 5pm)
Pupils have enjoyed their drama activities and in response to this, Showbizzi are extending the club for another term. This is open to pupils from Years 2 to 6.  For 7 weeks of Drama at £7.50 per session, the cost is £67.50. (For pupils who were signed up to Drama in the autumn term, we are offering a catch-up session on Monday 17th January in place of the session cancelled on Monday 15th November)

Dance for Bluebird – Year 4 (Every Friday from January 21st – March 25th 3.30pm – 4.30pm)
We are delighted to have secured the services of UNITY Dance Company who will be delivering this exciting new club. For 9 weeks of dance, the cost is £67.50.

Football for Years 5 – 9 (Every Wednesday from January 19th – March 30th 4pm – 5pm)
After-school football delivered by Mr Southward. This is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to prepare for the ISA competitions or develop a passion for the sport. For 10 weeks of football, the cost is £50.

Girls’ Football for Years 4 – 8 (Every Thursday from January 20th – March 24th 4pm – 5pm)
We are pleased to be able to offer girls’ football training sessions following the success of our trial sessions last term. For 9 weeks of football, the cost is £45.00

Judo for Years 2 – 4 (Every Tuesday January 18th – March 29th 4pm – 5pm)
Judo develops pupils’ self-defence knowledge and ability to throw opponents. These sessions will be delivered by Sensei Kerry.  For 10 weeks of judo, the cost is £75.00. (For pupils who were signed up to Judo in the autumn term, we are offering a catch-up session on Tuesday 11th January in place of the session cancelled on Tuesday 16th November)

Rugby for Years 6 – 8 (Every Monday from January 17th – March 28th 4pm – 5pm)
PGD Education will be delivering this club which focuses on developing skills in a fun and engaging manner with special emphasis on teamwork and communication. For 10 weeks of rugby, the cost is £75.00.

We will award the places on a first come first serve basis.
(This will be determined from the online submission form below).