External Candidates’ Entrance Examination 2020

Wednesday, 14th October 2020 (9.30am – 12.30pm)

The examination comprises two papers, in English and Mathematics. The questions set are straightforward and will contain topics that have been covered by all pupils following the National Curriculum in their primary school. Comprehension and essay writing are important parts of the English Examination and correct spelling and grammar are required. It is helpful in the Mathematics paper to show calculations. The papers are written by the school and past papers are not available.

Mathematics Paper: 1 hour
English Paper: 45 minutes

Registration for the Entrance Exam

Please complete the online registration form at the bottom of the page or please email msmcnamara@towercollege.com with the information required on the online registration form below.

Exam Equipment and Arrival

Candidates should bring with them pens, pencils, a rubber, and a ruler. Calculators, mobile phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed. Please note that sample papers are not issued.

Candidates arrive for a prompt start at 9.30am and will be ready for collection at approximately 12.30. The Principal, Ms Bingley will have a brief meeting with the candidates throughout the morning. During the morning pupils will be given ‘comfort’ and refreshment breaks.


Results are issued on Friday, 22nd Oct 2020 to all candidates. Parents whose children are offered a place will be given a closing date by which to reply with a £500 deposit to secure the place. This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the fees of the first term in Year 7. The pupil who gains 90% or above in both their Maths and English papers are awarded an Academic Scholarship of up to 15% reduction in fees from Year 7-11 (if more than one pupil achieves 90% or more in both papers, the highest achiever will receive the award. Please note that all Scholarships will be reviewed annually to ensure that the high standards of academic achievement are maintained. Parents are informed of this at the time a place is offered. The school respects the parents’ confidentiality and leaves it to the family to decide whether or not they wish to make their Scholarship Status known to others.

Places are offered in order of marks achieved, with consideration given to the previous schools’ references. There are often pupils who gain a pass mark, but who, because of demand for places, cannot be offered a place other than on the Reserve List. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for families and do keep parents informed of their child’s position on the Reserve List, and any changes to that position should places be refused or cancelled. Should we be able to offer a definite place you will be contacted immediately by telephone with confirmation in writing.

It helps to alleviate the waiting process if parents who have decided against accepting a place let us know as soon as possible. Parents who do not reply by the closing date will be deemed to have refused the place.

Special Needs

If your child has Special Needs or is disabled, please let us know in order for appropriate arrangements to be made. Pupils aged 12 and over who wish to join the Senior School may also have a ‘trial day’ as described above. During the day, the candidate will sit a Mathematics paper and an English paper.

Online Registration Form