Dear Parents

No sooner have the children just settled into some form of routine ‘normality’ than we have had to send the Lower School children home. This decision was taken by the Department of Education.  I’m sure that you are just as frustrated as we are at school and I also feel for the children must will be wondering what on earth is going on.

However, as I have previously stated with justified confidence, we will rise to the challenge and do our very best to minimise the impact on the children’s academic progress and as equally important, their wellbeing. As I write, the Lower School staff are busily preparing their online lessons.

Thank you for all your support; I have already received several complimentary emails on our swift and appropriate response. And, I have also received some concerns over the number of children that we had to send home. Please understand that we undertook a lengthy risk assessment over the telephone with the DfE who decided that the best course of action to ensure the safety of our children was to send the them all home. The lady from the DfE that we spoke to for some considerable time did not immediately arrive at this decision; she put us on hold to consult with other members of her team before finally confirming that it was to be the whole ‘bubble’.

Considering the DfE’s decision today and the new guidance issued late last week, it is highly likely that we will revise how our ‘bubbles’ operate and  indeed the size of them. As this is a considerable logistical task, please bear with us and we will let you know of any changes as soon as we possibly can.

Lower School Online Learning Provision for Pupils Self-isolating as a result of a confirmed COVID-19 case in the Lower School Department

This will be available from 9.30am tomorrow. Pupils who are new to the school will be sent log-in details (provided the user agreements have been signed) in the morning. Please remind the children of the online protocols contained within the Online User Agreements which can be found here:

Online Acceptable User Policy and Agreements

This will be available from  Monday 28th September.

  • Pupils who are having to self-isolate as a result of immediate family member displaying COVID-19 symptoms will be granted live access to classroom lessons via Microsoft Teams;
  • Pupils will be sent an invite from their class teacher and will complete work alongside their peers in class;
  • All work will remain at home to ‘Stop the Spread’;
  • Homework and some additional work will be available via Teams’ assignments, which will be marked by the class teacher;
  • Pupils will be able to join in class discussions, ask and answer questions;
  • For some lessons E.g. CORE PE, this will not be available;
  • Teams’ access to lessons will only be granted for a maximum of 10 school days in line with Government 14-day quarantine guidelines. This does not apply to long term injuries;
  • All the above is subject to authorisation and at the discretion of the Senior Management Team (SMT);
  • Only pupils who have signed the Acceptable User Policies (parents of younger children will sign on their behalf) will be able to use the system. If you signed the Acceptable User Agreement earlier in the year (May), then you need not sign again, but please do read the agreement again so that you can remind the children of our online protocols. The policies and agreements are available here:

Online Acceptable User Policy and Agreements

NB This provision is ONLY for those pupils self-isolating due to symptoms of Coronavirus or long-term illness or injury (provided this has been agreed by the SMT).

Negative Test Result

All children that test positive for Coronavirus must provide a negative test result before we will allow them to return to school. This also applies to those children with any siblings in the home that attend Tower College.